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Welcome to AUCOOP's web page

The University Association Students for cooperation, is an association integrated by students whose objective is to promote technological cooperation in developing countries. In order to do so they carry out activities and projects, both on local and international level. It was created in 2007 by ETSETB's students that had participated in technological cooperation projects.

The students that are part of AUCOOP participate in technological cooperation projects, promoted both by public and private institutions. The participation includes different phases that are comprised between the design and the installation, and aims to guarantee the projects' continuity.

The association is not exclusively focused on its members, but it tries to influence on all the university community through activities and campaigns that try to raise awareness. 

AUCOOP is open to students both with and without previous cooperation experience, in order to become a meeting point between students, professors, universities and funding; elements that will be search and coordinate for successfully develop the different projects.